Bayou Babes Moves Event to December, Will Add Two Models to Roster

Baton Rouge, LA – Sibley Entertainment Company, LLC, the controlling authority of the subsidiary Bayou Babes, announced Thursday [November 5, 2020] it had postponed the 2020 U.S. Virgin Islands photo shoot until December.  The company has signed all contracts with the dates of December 14th through December 19th of this year.  There were numerous factors in the making of this decision.  Some of these factors include: Hurricane Eta bouncing around the southern Gulf of Mexico, delays in Covid-19 test results, some travelers testing positive for Covid-19, and some travelers having travel restrictions.

The company announced it will add two new models to the U.S. Virgin Island Event line up.  The total number of models will be capped at nine.  Interested models should contact management via Direct Message (DM), email at, contact Mike Sibley at, or by contacting Andrea Kuoni at

How are models selected?  Why don’t I get selected?  What does the company look for when selecting models?

  • We’ll look to see if the model fits appearance wise. We don’t have any set physical characteristics we’re looking for.  We hire all types of models from natural A cups, to Natural D cups, to Silicone and Saline implants.  The most important feature we look for in a model is facial beauty.


  • We’ll look to see if the model supports controversial political groups, outspoken controversial opinions, is vocal in alienating certain groups of people, and/or supports domestic terror organizations such as Black Lives Matter (BLM), Antifa, the Ku Klux Klan (KKK), The Black Panther Party, and other hate organizations.


  • We’ll task our Scouting & Talent Management team with vetting the candidate(s). The team will pour through search engines looking for leaked topless and/or nude content.


  • If the candidate passes the first round of vetting, they’ll move to phase two. In phase two vetting, the team will move to the message boards (I.E. Share forums) to look for leaked content, and see what content can be found from fans of that particular model.  If the team doesn’t find pornography in phase two, they’ll move on to phase three.  Phase three requires the team to sign up for the candidates OnlyFans and/or Patreon to discover what type of content we would be competing with.  The team is instructed to send messages to the candidate to try to purchase content.  The team is not allowed to actually purchase content from the candidate.  The information gathered is strictly used in a word only report presented to management.


  • Lastly, Phase 5 of the vetting process requires our Scouting & Talent Management team to create a list of photographers the candidate has worked with. Our team typically retains permanent membership to the most popular photographers content sharing websites.  The team will send a message on these websites to try to purchase content of the candidate.  The team cannot actually purchase content of the candidate.


  • At this point, the team can now determine what content the candidate has in the marketplace. The team will now look at what content the candidate is willing to create for Bayou Babes, and compare it to content the candidate has in the marketplace elsewhere.  Candidates that are creating more content for other brands, photographers, and websites, will likely not be recommended by the team.

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